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Plus-size lifestyle fashion brand MULU arrives in the UAE

MULU, a lifestyle fashion brand exclusively dedicated to plus-size women, will now be available in the UAE.

MULU clothes range from size M to size 7XL. The brand is entirely dedicated to empowering plus-size women to feel comfortable wearing what they want without feeling the pressure to follow society’s trends to fit in. The inclusive brand wants to encourage women to do and wear what they want, without putting others first.

According to the most recent data, 31 percent of women in the UAE are now either plus size or above size L, and the figure in Saudi Arabia is 42 percent. However, finding clothes that fit plus-sized women well is a big challenge in the region.


The fashion brand, formerly known as Kanessa, was previously based in The Netherlands where it began its e-commerce operations in 2018.


For more information about MULU, please visit www.mulu.loveor follow us on Instagram @mulu.manor.



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