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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi set to open on 23 May 2023 | Here's everything you need to know

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the next-generation Marine Life Theme Park set to open its doors on May 23rd of this year, has finally revealed exciting details around four of its eight immersive realms. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi promises to take you on a unique journey to discover the interconnectivity between life on earth and our One Ocean. It will use the Abu Dhabi Ocean, One Ocean, Rocky Point and MicroOcean realms to tell a part of this inspiring story of commitment to conserving our planet.

Abu Dhabi Ocean

You'll begin your journey at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi Ocean, when you'll see cascading waterfalls, palm trees, desert greenery, Emirati architecture and hear the sounds of regional music. The park’s education team will be on hand to share knowledge, particularly around the realm’s 30 species, which are native to the UAE such as sea snakes, sea turtles and dugongs. You can also engage with crustaceans, sharks, and rays in the four touch pools. The legacy of the nation’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, is instilled all throughout this realm, reflected through his respect for the natural world and thirst for knowledge.

In Abu Dhabi Ocean, you can also enroll in SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s parkwide game - S·E·A Guardian Games. This interactive and free competition brings together science, exploration, and adventure in a series of fun and educational challenges across all realms. If you win, you'll be uniquely rewarded for your progress along the way, ultimately becoming a S·E·A Guardian and advocate for our One Ocean. You'll also see two shows in the Al Naham Theater telling stories of the rich history and fascinating waters of the Arabian Gulf. The realm is also home to the Abu Dhabi Souk, a traditional marketplace with stalls where you can shop for keepsakes and souvenirs to remember their visit to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

When you are hungry, you can head to can dine Matbakh Ummi, which serves authentic Emirati cuisine with a side of the Emirate’s tradition of hospitality. For eats on-the-go, grab something from Dallat AlBahr which stocks aromatic Arabic coffee, or items such as freshly fried dough pastries from Lugaima.

One Ocean

Next stop is the One Ocean realm, which tells many captivating stories of our ocean and acts as the park’s portal to explore all the other realms at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. This realm’s iconic One Ocean Globe, situated in its center, represents the ever-changing flow of energy and nutrients around our planet.

Within the One Ocean realm, you can witness One Epic Ocean, a must-see show that takes you on a journey using immersive multi-media, a fleet of choreographed drones and spatial audio featuring a 360-degree screen standing at an approximate height of 15 meters and wrapping around the 218-meter perimeter of the One Ocean realm.

The story follows a young Emirati woman’s adventure with the Arabian Gulf, sparking an epic journey through the Earth’s most fascinating ocean environments and swimming side-by-side with species of all sizes; ultimately sharing the park’s core message; “we are connected to the ocean, and the ocean connects all of us”. It will laso feature educational modules and immersive scenes from the depths of the sea. In between exploring the park’s realms, you can plan SeaWorld Expeditions by registering at the Explorer HQ to enjoy animal encounters and other unique experiences. Those hungry for a quick bite can visit Frozen Treats for everything from ultra-indulgent sundaes to multiflavored ice creams.

Also, as part of this realm, you can visit the beating heart of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: the Animal Care Center. This state-of-the-art facility features cutting-edge veterinary equipment and technology so they can provide the highest standard of animal welfare based on best practices and standards set by internationally recognized animal welfare organisations. You'll be able to see the park’s expert team of veterinarians and animal care specialists providing dedicated care to animals, ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing through daily practices, regular check-ups, and routine procedures.

Rocky Point

After One Ocean comes Rocky Point – a beautiful hidden cove where seals and sea lions can be seen resting on rocks and swimming around their stunning surroundings. The realm features state-of-the-art technology such as an Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS) that recreates night/day and seasonal light cycles like those found in USA’S Pacific Northwest. Intricately designed to provide an enriching experience for the sea lions and seals, the dynamic habitat features various species of fish and spaces where the animals can play, hide and rest providing them with the stimulation and comfort that they need to thrive.

At the Rocky Point Amphitheater, everyone is invited to witness an incredible Sea Lion Presentation. The story features sea lions, seals and birds and follows a group of local park rangers as they share with guests the playful nature of these unique animals. Rocky Point offers an authentic boardwalk snacking experience with Pretzel Point, where guests can indulge in a variety of freshly baked warm pretzels while they take in the sights and sounds of the habitat.


From the One Ocean portal, guests can also venture into MicroOcean, where small is BIG! By passing through a series of colorful arches and “Shrinkerators,” you'll start to feel like they’re shrinking while the underwater life grows bigger and more impressive around them, eventually revealing the colorful and playful world of MicroOcean.

Designed specifically for kids, this realm invites young explorers to experience the vital role of some of the ocean’s smallest inhabitants through engaging and educational interactives, dynamic experiments, and fun play structures such as the Kelp Climb and the Explorer’s Sea Base. In this whimsical realm, little ones can experience life as plankton, the smallest and most powerful living organism in the ocean, and explore an exciting underwater world filled with BIG joy, energy and impact.

MicroOcean is home to four family friendly rides too: OctoZoom!, Jelly Plunge, Turtle Twist and Eel Racer – each taking you on an adventure in this microscopic underwater world. Also, keep a lookout for friendly characters, whether it’s Krill Dude and his musical show with clams and barnacles or the quirky Sea Stars that pulse, expand, and shapeshift around the realm. Also, within MicroOcean is Bitsy Bites – a dining outlet perfect for guests to fuel up on their favorite foods between big (or small) adventures, including pizza, chicken fingers and slushies. Additionally, micro-shoppers can enjoy an array of plush animals, fun toy assortments and apparel available at MicroOcean’s retail outlet, Squirts.

For more information and to book your tickets to experience SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, visit

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